Drive Smart, Save Gas

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With Summer just around the corner, and gas prices steadily increasing, changing daily driving habits is a must. There are many different ways you can save a dollar. Things you never really thought of affect your gas mileage.

No matter what car you drive, you can save on the money you pay for gas simply by changing the way you think about your vehicle. Here are a few quick and easy ways from AAA on how to go about your daily routine with your car.

1. Try not to make so many quick starts and stops unless you have to. You’re not in a race and it’s hard on your vehicle components as well as a waste of fuel. Try to anticipate ahead of time when traffic conditions will force you to slow or stop.

2. Consolidate your trips and errands so you can cut down on the distance you travel. Comparison shop online, by phone or through newspaper ads.

3. Keep a lookout for cheaper fuel prices, but remember it’s not worth driving across town to pay a few cents cheaper per gallon.

4. Make sure you aren’t hauling unnecessary weight. Clean out your car. The more weight you carry, the more fuel you burn over time.

5. Warm up a cold engine when you can. Racing a cold engine wastes fuel.

6. Drive casual. Moving at moderate speeds on the road will save you fuel, but try not to drive too slow that you become a traffic hazard.

7. Crack a window. Use your air conditioner on the really hot days and open your window for the others. Remember to use the recirculation setting, so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard when it is on.

To find some cheap gas stations near you, check out the Southern California AAA website and enter your zip code.

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