COC Arcade Serves as Relief for Gamers

by Robert Sippey, Staff Writer 566 views0

The COC Arcade is one of the best kept secrets on campus, being hidden in plain sight. Located directly across from the cafeteria in the Student Center, many students often walk by without a passing glance.

Several of the regulars feel this is a shame and swear that the arcade offers stress relief in ways nothing else on campus can. Along with this added benefit, the regular arcade goers insist that they would love to see more players and face more competition, as that is what fuels their desire to play on.

Since the arcade’s existence is hardly known, it makes sense to hear that the games are in a less than desirable condition. Many regulars begin to play their favorite games only to find that perhaps a button or two is unresponsive, or that the joystick itself is not working properly.

Typically, the only time the games are provided any form of maintenance comes after the students themselves call a given phone number for repairs. This only serves to increase their frustrations as opposed to relieving the stress built up from school and responsibilities.

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