Clubbing at College of the Canyons

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College of the Canyons offers a variety of tools to help each student succeed in their education. One of the many and most effective of these, is none other than the event, Club Rush. This biannual event is held at the beginning of each semester to give students the opportunity to become involved with their school and community as they start adjusting to a new semester.

“This is a really important event because it’s how the new clubs on campus become part of the campus and get new members,” said Vice President of Interclub Council, Ashley Stegman. In fact, the majority of the students that attend COC are not even aware of some of the clubs that are available to them. However, Club Rush ensures that each student organization is well promoted and therefore well-known amongst the student population.

Besides the advantage clubs obtain from the event, however, students enjoy many perks as well. “If you join clubs at school, you become part of the college community, meet new people, make new friendships, and make connections–and that’s a very important thing,” said Stegman.

In addition to the present perks that come with joining a club, many of these benefits can actually become lifelong advantages. “It’s very important for students to be involved, because they can step up to become community leaders…and utilize these opportunities to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams,” said President and Chair of the Black Students Society, Adam Donley.

With so many clubs to choose from, students have countless opportunities to invest in “fulfilling their hopes and dreams.”

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