A Message on Earthquake Safety

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The following is a message from Dr. Michael Wilding, Dean of Student Services, on disaster preparedness.

Hello All,

As most of you know, a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Japan and has been followed by many 6 to 7 magnitude aftershocks.

The quakes have generated tsunamis that have been devastating in Japan and have already reached the western coast of the U.S.

As this tragedy unfolds, please reflect how well prepared you are at home, at work, and even when you are out shopping or on the road. Now is a good time to make preparations that will maximize the safety of you, your family, office mates and friends should a quake occur here. It seems that the Pacific Rim is very active.

Specifically for our college, we ask that you:

· Inspect your immediate work area and make sure that there is nothing heavy or sharp on shelves above your work area that could fall and harm you.

· Make sure there is nothing near your exit doors that could fall or move and block your way out.

· Make sure you have identified a space beneath a desk area, doorjamb or other solid structure where you will retreat for immediate safety if a quake occurs.

· Check to see that you have fresh batteries in flashlights and that they are readily accessible.

· Make sure that you know where fire extinguishers/hoses are in your work area, or near the classrooms that you are assigned.

· When you enter buildings on campus, make a special note of the nearest exits and stairwells to evacuate the building (remember, don’t use elevators after a quake!).

For those who are members of our emergency response team, please make sure that you refresh yourselves with the areas for which you are responsible, make sure that the radios you have been provided are charged, turned to Channel #4, and that they are turned on to receive any emergency communications we may need to pass along.

If a quake should occur locally, it is imperative that we all do what we can for the safety and security of faculty, staff, students and visitors. If you have any questions about what your responsibilities are in the event of an earthquake in our region, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Michael Wilding
Dean of Student Services

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