iCraze; Verizon Releases iPhone To Underwhelming Response

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For those expecting Egyptian style riots outside of Verizon stores and malls everywhere, you will surely be disappointed.

With the release of the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network, the response this morning was highly subdued as extra staff and security guards stood aimlessly at the Valencia Town Square Mall surrounded by empty line dividers.

“There just weren’t as many people as we were expecting,” says one Verizon employee who wished not to be identified.

That same employee also indicated that they have more phones in stock than those already promised to customers who have pre-ordered. This is a stark account completely opposite to what Verizon HQ is reporting; that Verizon had sold out of all iPhones in just under 17-hours on February third.

According to BusinessInsider.com, the number of phones sold before the pre-order site was shut down hovers around 500,000 units.

The article also indicates, the number of iPhones sold completely blows away the previous record set by the DROID phones back when they launched in November of 2009, selling only 100,000 units.

Apple Insider conducted a survey of customers in line for the new phone -40 people- and found that of those customers, that eight percent were AT&T customers compared to the 18 and 13 percent who where switching over from Sprint and Tmobile networks.

An earlier survey conducted in January speculated that the cannibalization of AT&T customers would be more prevalent. Users with AT&T have often complained of network issues and problems regarding the iPhone and how AT&T responds to problems.

Apple has not escaped critique either as was demonstrated last year at the release of the iPhone 4. It was revealed that there was a coding error that would make the signal strength appear to be more than what it was. That issue was soon fixed, but complaints of antenna placement became main focal points for critics of Apple and the iPhone.

These issues eventually led Consumer Reports, a magazine hosting reviews and comparisons of products, to conduct a very public spat with Apple over earlier suggested fixes; which was a piece of tape over the antenna.

Comparatively, the Verizon and AT&T iPhones are almost identical in respect to price, CPU and RAM; except for one small thing, the Verizon iPhone carries a CDMA (code division multiple access) radio. And while this probably doesn’t mean much for the average consumer, more hardcore Apple and technology fans will find the Verizon phone to be a little faster with data and a little bit clearer in handling voice calls.

After some time, once more customers move over to Verizon’s network, those left on AT&T’s GSM network will most likely find that call clarity and data speed will increase once the high data demands that the smart phones put on the network begin to lessen.

Engadget has a full breakdown and review of the Verizon iPhone that you can find HERE.

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