A Student’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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By Greta Fuentes, Staff Writer

It’s that time again! Valentine’s Day rolls up every year whether you are ready for it or not! This year, we would like to share a few ideas to make it one of the best. Our main goal is to keep it fun and local!

Let’s get old fashioned with a picnic at the park! For those students who live closer to the Canyon Country campus, there is the Todd Longshore Park located on Whites Canyon. It is the perfect little park with a beautiful view of Canyon Country during the day or night. Guys, surprise your lovely lady with a romantic picnic – simple and sweet.

You can never go wrong with the classics! There is nothing better than spending one-on-one time with your significant other sitting while enjoying a beautiful day. With a gorgeous view, and paths to follow, Todd Longshore Park will be sure to impress your date. Set the mood by bringing some romantic music to make her melt! Also, make sure to bring a blanket, and a picnic basket with all the essentials: A bottle of Sparking Cider, a main course (we recommend a sandwich of your liking in a heart cut shape) and of course, flowers and a box of chocolates!

After you have had lunch and a nice conversation with your love, to change things up a bit we suggest you take a trip down the hill and get some desert at The Cupcake Tree located on Soledad Canyon Road. The “Lady Luck” cupcake is served around Valentine’s Day and is conveniently priced at $3.25, we suggest you pick this!


It is chocolate or vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in rich chocolate ganache, and topped with a chocolate dipped strawberry –YUM!

After a delicious and affordable desert, you can return to the Todd Longshore Park to watch the sunset or if it has darkened more, star gaze! We are sure you will have a blast while keeping things simple and most definitely be memorable day!

For the more modern type, Love Sushi, with locations in Newhall and Canyon Country, can serve as a fun place to have a Valentine’s dinner. Love Sushi fosters a fun and easygoing environment for an exciting date.

Don’t like sushi? For the more serious daters, try one of the top rated romantic restaurants also located in Canyon Country serving French cuisine, Le Chene. Make sure to make reservations and dress to impress! Although you might be the modern couple, a nice stroll around the park or Valencia’s Bridgeport will be sure to leave you refreshed and very much in love.


Bridgeport has some of the most romantic spots to stop, sit, relax and watch the ducks swim – a peaceful yet romantic activity before dinner at one of the many near-by restaurants. Right across the street are different restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Sabor Cocina ) that would satisfy any taste palate or a few blocks away are other grub spots like The Elephant Bar, Soup Plantation and Mimi’s Cafe. Don’t forget to bring your date a sweet card and/or flowers. Be sure to save some room for desert at Cold Stones or Red Mango located in Valencia. Cold Stones offers an impressive Valentine’s Day cake for you and your loved one to share.

Don’t worry all you single ones, we didn’t forget about you! Valentine’s Day does not have to be a bad thing. Think of it as a chance to finally get that time to relax and have some fun in the comfort of your own home. Girls – have a movie night with your single ladies! We suggest watching movies like Legally Blonde or Mean Girls to make you smile. Also do not forget the best girl shows like Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls that you can find online or on Netflix.
Since you will already have the girls over, go all out and bring out the facials and mani-pedis! You will feel like a glamorous diva and remember why it’s good to be single. Boys – it’s time for a game night! We know that PS3s, XBOX, Wii are really popular these days, so have some bonding time with your single buds and play some video games! Not the video game type? Play some poker and you can bet on having an awesome night!

So, whether you are taken or single, you are sure to have a good time on Valentine’s Day by following our advice! Good luck!

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  1. this is awesome. im totally going to love sushi, bridgeport, and the park.

    my date is gonna love this.

    so stoked

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