Teacher Feature: Philip Marcellin

by Tyler Rubin, Staff Writer 814 views0

Phillip Marcelin is not just a teacher at COC, he is also the men’s soccer head coach.

At first Phil did not want to be at teacher. He was an architecture major but being able to work with children in a coaching capacity, he turned his attention to teaching. He likes the idea that teaching and coaching can be a two way street where the students learn from the teacher and the teacher can learn from the students.

Now in his 18th year of teaching as either an adjunct or full time, Phil says many things have changed that have forced him to adjust his teaching style.
Phil also says nearly two decades of experience has humbled him. ”

“Teaching keeps me on my toes. When I first started,if I didn’t know the answer I would act like I knew the answer. Now I am not afraid to say I don’t know the answer but lets look it up and come up with the answer,” said Marcellin.

Phil got his coaching start as a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His next stop would be at Bakersfield College, which he coached for 5 years and was an adjunct there too. He was then asked to start the women’s team at COC and was the women’s coach until 2 years ago when he became the men’s coach at COC.

Phil says the difference between the men’s and women’s game is the speed at which it is played. He says that coaching and teaching is virtually the same except in the classroom where success is not measured by wins and losses

When Phil is not teaching or coaching, he enjoys time at home with four daughters.

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