Teacher Feature: Patti Haley

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By Robert Ceja – Cougar News Contributor

Patti Haley is Director of the EMT Program as well as the chair for Health Science for College of the Canyons and has been an Emergency Room nurse for over 20 years.

In my interview with Patti she revealed that there were only two careers that interested her when she was younger, “I wanted to be a Nurse and a Flight Attendendant, but I got airsick so I became a nurse,” and it seems as though she made the right decision because as she continued, “There is a picture of me when I was 3 years old in a Nursing outfit.”

So Patti became a Nurse who specialized in Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Nursing, and Emergency Medical Services in Disaster Preparedness. Then she got the call that changed everything. A former instructor at College of the Canyons called and asked if she could come and help teach the class. Once that teacher left, a position on campus opened up for a new EMT instructor, and Patti filled the job.

Just like many other instructors on campus, Patti Haley’s free time is spent in meetings, but unlike other instructors Patti belongs to statewide as well as nationwide organizations that determine what skills EMT are allowed to perform and inversely what skills they can’t perform. College of the Canyons is lucky enough to have someone in organizations such as these because this means that C.O.C’s EMTstudents are trained and are up-to-date on all the new skills.  In a world where time is golden, widening the EMT’s scope of practice could potentially save a life.

While saving lives in itself can be very rewarding Patti says she loves teaching the class, “I smile every morning when I get up to go here.”

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