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Pop/R&B Singer JoJo Talks About New Album!

It has been about three years since Pop/R&B singer JoJo released new music, within those three years JoJo has done some growing up. Now with her edgy image and racy lyrics, the “Leave Get Out” singer is ready to shed that little girl image and show the world who she truly is.
In this interview JoJo talks about her legal dispute with her former record label Blackground Records and her third upcoming album “All I Want Is Everything”

Alex Welch’s Black Eye From Disney Star Demi Lovato

Wow I know Demi Lovato has a powerful voice but I didn’t know she had a powerful jab… She left Alex Welch black and blue after hitting her in the face on a private jet back in October. TMZ reports that these photos were taken days after Demi punched her Alex Welch. A source close to the dancer said that Alex was minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogota, Colombia when Demi ‘walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face.’ The punch was so strong that Alex was knocked right out of her seat and had to receive emergency medical attention. Demi was immediately removed from the plane. Alex is ‘considering her legal options.

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