Opinion: Rising Tuition Will Hinder Students’ Education

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By Carly Abelman – Cougar News Contributor

Although students find it extremely difficult to afford an education these days, the California University Board of Trustees decided to yet again raise tuition fees for the upcoming semester.

Tuition fees for all colleges and universities have been steadily increasing. “For all four-year schools there will be a mid-year five percent increase of $105 that will go into effect on Jan. 1 for the Winter and Spring terms and the second is a ten percent, or an additional $222 per semester, increase that will strike students beginning fall 2011,” Accent Advocate said.

Although many students receive financial aid, middle class students also must be kept in mind. Students may be part of a middle class family, but a high education bill along with other financial obligations make it very difficult to afford. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “In 2009, the average family income was 11 percent lower than it had been a decade earlier for families with incomes in the bottom 20 percent of incomes in the U.S., and five percent lower for those in the middle 20 percent of incomes.” If the falling rate of income cannot match the increasing rate of college tuition, the average family does not have the ability to pay for a child’s education due to the recent budget crisis.

Tuition costs have steadily increased more than 300 percent since 2002 when an undergraduate paid $700 for a semester of education. This increase in tuition fees is causing students to become part-time students, making it harder for them to graduate, and delaying their educational goals. The fees will also cause students to permanently drop out due to funds not manageable for themselves and their families.

We must all come together and fight for change. Organized protests and raising awareness will assist in making our voices be heard and the realization of how this is affecting many students.

It is crucial that education become more of a priority to the government, in order to grant more money and stop taking it out of our tax-paying pockets.

It makes one think; what is an education really worth?

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