Library Expansion Shuts Down Half of Parking Lot 15

by Brian Lewis, Staff Contributor 551 views0

VALENCIA – College of the Canyons has started yet another construction project to add on to the school. Contractors have broken ground on the expansion of the Library at the Valencia campus.

Bull dozers begin to tear up parking lot 15.

In order to do so, contractors have fenced off more then half of parking lot 15. More than 200 parking spaces at the north end of the south lot adjacent to the Library have been fenced off, this includes staff and student parking spaces. The fenced off area will be unavailable for 18 months and the entire space will be used for construction improvements and operations.

Students that do find a spot in the back half of lot 15 that is still open will have to walk down the stairs to the left and walk along Mentry as their will be no access through the parking lot. It is also recommended that students use lots 7 and 8 over by the tennis courts and football field off of Valencia Blvd.  Students should arrive early in order to insure a parking spot and arrive to class on time when the spring semester begins.

Nine trees were cut down in order to make room for the expansion.

All but 130 spaces will return once construction is complete and the area is reopened.

Nine trees that surrounded the outside of the library were cut down in order to make room for the expansion of the library.

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