Laptop Guide: 5 Tips for Getting the Right One

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Most students need a good laptop. But how do you pick one to suit your needs without breaking it in a week? Here are some tips how!

Feel It

While you’re in the store, pick up the laptops on display. (If they’re locked, ask an attendant to unlock and supervise) Try to pick one that feels solid, sturdy, and won’t break your arm from the weight.

Key It

You can’t replace the keyboard on a laptop, except with the exact same thing. Pretend to type on the laptop, trying it on both a desk and your lap. Make sure the keyboard is comfortable and not too sensitive, or too unresponsive.

Point It

Try out the touch pad, track ball, or other mouse alternative. Some may be difficult to use, resulting in frustration on your part (and a broken laptop if you throw it at the wall).

Web It

Check to see if your laptop is wireless connection compatible. Most laptops are, but a few still require an ethernet cable. A wireless network card will let you take advantage of Wi-Fi wherever you go.. be it at home, or on the COC Campus!

Plug It

When browsing for a laptop, try to buy one with at least 2 USB and a FireWire port. USB and FireWire are two of the most commonly used connector cables out there. Having these ports ensures easy connection to your iPod, phone, and other items.

Save It

Thousands of laptops are stolen yearly, don’t let yours be one of them. Check into security devices, such as cables that attach the laptop to your desk. Consider installing software that disables a stolen or lost laptop, or if you really want to get it back, install software that reports the laptops location when it connects to the Internet.

Power It

Don’t believe manufacturer’s claims on battery life. Batteries rarely last as long as their supposed to, so remember to bring a potable charger with you wherever you go.

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