Creating a Tasty Holiday Feast

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The first word that comes to mind if you’re new to cooking and hungry relatives are on their way: expecting a hot tasty holiday meal. For the first time chef; this can be very stressful. No one wants their loving effort to come out dry, dull tasting or worse cause someone to get sick! Good impressions and food safety are very important and the pressure is real. Where to go and who to turn to for help? The old cook book sometimes is enough but usually requires some knowledge in order to use properly.

In this day and age the internet is there to save us. Thousands of recipes are just a few clicks away, offering simple direct ways to prepare deserts, side dishes and ways of preparing turkey, ham and other main courses. Many posted recipes are home grown, passed down through generations of family. Large corporate sites such as Butterball and Foster Farms offer additional services like instructional videos on how to help you choose and prepare the right bird. Most large corporate sites also offer telephone and email hot lines to help a new chef through a turkey crisis.

If looking at the gas range or electric stove instills fear and anxiety, and other sites like it offer complete microwave desert, main course and side dish holiday recipes for the baking impaired. Remember to keep preparation surfaces clean and sterile, follow all thawing, temperature and food handling instructions. Have a happy holiday!

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