Teacher Feature: Leigh Kennicott

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Classically trained in repertory theater, Leigh Kennicott received her PhD in theater from University of Colorado in 2002. She has worked in film and television, including Current Television at ABC, and in production for Miller-Boyett Productions (Family Matters, Perfect Stranger, Step by Step). Leigh has directed more than 30 plays both in Los Angeles and the Denver area. Her career consisted primarily of commercials and movies, including Viva Las Vegas, but says “sitcoms are her bag.”

Leigh began teaching theater in 2001. She currently teaches Acting for the Camera, Intro to Theater, and Auditioning Techniques at College of the Canyons. Her students write, perform, and produce their own plays. Leigh allows for interactive participation in her class and encourages her students to think on their feet. She states that COC is an exemplary school and for a community college, the students’ training equips them for jobs in acting, producing, and camera.

Leigh is most proud of her students’ accomplishments when they take risks and apply auditioning and theater techniques on interviews and in the field. Many of her students are currently working in the industry, landing jobs in commercials and are producing and performing in plays in Hollywood. Leigh says the piece of advice she continues to share, “Relax and be yourself.”

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  1. She’s is on talented person. I have a lot of respect for someone who can get up there and act like that i don’t have the nerve to do.

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