Teacher Feature: Jack Ahrens

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By Nicole Powell – Cougar News Contributor

Jack Ahrens is an English Adjunct Instructor at the COC Canyon Country Campus. For five years he has worked as a part time English professor at COC and has taught at multiple colleges throughout the Los Angeles area including, Cal State Northridge, Pierce College, Pasadena College and Santa Monica College.

As for his education, Ahrens attended Cal State Northridge where he received both his undergraduate degree and his Masters degree.

In his free time he enjoys playing the piano, which he confesses that his passion for music comes before his love for English most of the time. Between English and music, Ahrens admits that he stays very busy balancing out the two.

One piece of advice Ahrens would give to all of his students is, “Want to be in college… you should want to be where you are.” He finds that many students go to college, but don’t really want to be there. An obstacle he believes they must overcome in order to succeed in life.

On a personal note, Mr. Ahrens is happily married, and has two daughters; one who attends the University of La Verne and will be graduating in the spring, and the other is in graduate school.

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