Teacher Feature: Clay Timmons

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Because of his mom’s orders, Clay Timmons was not allowed to play football in high school and decided to play volleyball instead. That decision has made him find his true passion.

Clay grew up in the Glendale and La Crascenta area and later moved to Santa Clarita. He attended Valencia High school and played volleyball there. During high school he worked at Johnny Rockets and called it a good job. The restaurant doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages so he did everything from clearing tables to serving fries and drinks.

But his days in the restaurant business didn’t last long. His volleyball coach from high school gave him a job as Clay exited high school at Gold Mountain Media. There Clay answered phone calls and worked like a secretary for his coach. “It was money, but not very exciting” he said.

Clay went to College of the Canyons, then Santa Monica College for a semester where he played volleyball. He was recruited to play at Pierce college, but Clay took a pass when the coach left the program prior to Clay’s freshman year. Clay opted instead to play for College of the Canyons.

The head coach at COC was impressed with Clay and and asked him if he would ever coach. In 2004 Clay volunteered as a coach and has been on the bench ever since.

Clay got his degree in exercise science kinesiology from Cal State Northridge.

He loves coaching volleyball because it is one thing he knows a lot about and has confidence in. He likes to work with people who are passionate towards volleyball like he is.

As far as a career goal, Clay has never wanted to do anything other than be with athletes, so that is what he plans to pursue. Although he would like to stick with volleyball, he is nearly certain that training athletes also a good idea. Clay wants to train athletes in all kinds of sports, getting them bigger, faster, stronger, more agile, better equipped, and successful in their sport of choice.

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  1. I enjoyed this article for many reasons. It was short and to the point, however it had a lot of heart and excitement. I think it is great that Mr. Timmons has truly followed his heart thorughout his life and I think that everyone he coaches will definitely benefit from him because of the passion he has for this sport.

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