Teacher Feature: Carmen Gonzalez

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By Amanda Moulton – Cougar News Contributor

Growing up in the Los Angeles area Carmen Gonzalez from a young age wanted to be an astronaut but after an internship at NASA she decided astronomy was more of a passion then a future job.

The former College of the Canyons alumni is also a proud mother of two children including one that is one. Parenthood is delaying a trip to Cal State Northridge where Carmen hopes to someday earn her Sociology Degree.

In the meantime she is chasing another dream on the side. Carmen decided to go into the financial aid field to help students find money for school and reach their goals.

Carmen also loves the technical side of working in financial aid. She works well with numbers and isn’t afraid to question things when they look wrong. Carmen eventually wants to be a financial aid director and she would love to stay at College of the Canyons.

Carmen says, “If I’m having a bad day just helping one student will give me that gratification.”

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  1. It is nice to know that Carmen Gonzalez likes to assist students.

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