Teacher Feature: Betsy Kenyon

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By Marlene Nolasco – Cougar News Contributor

At a young age Betsy Kenyon knew she wanted to do something in art, but the thought of teaching was not on her mind. But now Betsy enjoys photography and teaching.

She was living in San Francisco working as an apprentice with a furniture builder and was making furniture. She started attending California College of Arts and Crafts, where she developed a body of work and went to graduate school. She received her MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago. This qualified her to teach.

After moving to California from Chicago, she first started working at COC. Betsy has had the opportunity to teach at many different colleges. She also held a fulltime position at Glendale Community College. Still, she ended up back at COC because she feels very comfortable and feels it is a great place to teach.

Betsy lets her students be very creative in class. She shows artwork and makes suggestions, but believes that her students are the ones who make the work. She likes to watch how students perform in class and what level of dedication they bring to each project.

“In a creative profession if you really want it, there are so many other people that want it too. That you have to over achieve constantly, you have to be willing to go beyond just even what the assignment says,” Betsy said.

Betsy recommends her students work hard. She also thinks it is a good idea to get an internship, and encourages her students to see lots of art work/exhibits. While viewing the artwork she recommends paying close attention to details, including how the art is being arranged and being displayed.

When Betsy is not teaching or snapping away with her camera, she admits she enjoys running.

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