KROQ Radio Hosts Take Aim at “Awesometown”

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Los Angeles morning radio show hosts Kevin & Bean took aim at “Awesometown” Monday morning on their radio show broadcast on KROQ-FM. The conversation started when one of the duo’s contributing partners took issue with an ad that he had seen around town, and more recently at LAX, inviting people to move to Valencia or “Awesometown.”

A producer from the morning show invited Newhall Land and Farming’s Vice President of Marketing, Marlee Lauffer, on air to discuss the marketing campaign. Both Kevin & Bean said that at one time they had both lived in the Valencia area and did not see that it could be called “Awesometown.”

Lauffer stated that the company was looking to reinvigorate the Valencia brand and did focus groups with residents about living in Santa Clarita. She also stated that the word awesome came up time and again during the focus group so they decided to run with the “awesome” idea.

The exchange lasted about 7 minutes with many alternative names being offered to “Awesometown.” Some included “Adequateville”, “Outstandington”, and “Slightly Better Than AIDS Town.” ¬†Lauffer stated that eventually the company will change up the marketing campaign but they are staying with it for now. Kevin and Bean also stated that they did not think the campaign was as bad as San Diego’s “Happy Happens” campaign.

The full “Awesometown” segment can be heard above.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting up the audio clip of the interview! I love Kevin and Bean so much, and I really do think its “awesome” that you found this interview and had the brass to put it up on the site.

  2. I’ve been cracking jokes at “Awesometown” for a while. I am glad K % B are too. Good thing you put the audio up, i would have been desperately searching for it.

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