Homeless and the Holidays

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The holiday season has begun and many Los Angeles and Santa Clarita residents continue to remain homeless. The shadows of uncertainty and numbers that fall on the homeless in LA County has been steadily growing since the mid 1990s; Santa Clarita alone estimates a number of about a 35% increase.

Skid Row, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, is one of the most commonly well known places inhabiting those who are homeless. At night, dozens of tents occupy the streets where sorrow, sadness, and desperation dwell. The impoverished yearn for aid and friendship, and money. They want to escape their problems, find a bed, and some food.

Skid Row is not the only place challenged by destitution; Santa Clarita is no different. The SCV Emergency Winter Shelter, located at 23031 Drayton Street, is eagerly looking to contribute to the needs of the homeless. With the season opening a couple weeks away, Santa Clarita Community Development Corporation has taken a primary role in meeting the needs of the hungry and homeless in this community. Open approximately December 1st through March 15th, the emergency shelter seeks to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical, and mental services to those in need.

Our homeless community is characterized by both singles and families, who have encountered unfortunate circumstances that are not always expected. The struggle we see around us can be overwhelming as the percentage of unemployment has grown significantly over the last couple of years. The fear and sorrow that strikes this city is dark and often unnoticed.

But, the contributions of the local community are significantly impactful; a small donation or helping hand will bring hope to those struggling. The shelter encourages locals to get involved and any volunteer is gladly welcomed. As the holiday season approaches please remember to consider those with broken lives and broken homes.

Be the change Santa Clarita and Los Angeles are waiting on.

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  1. i thought this was a good article makes me want to donate to the shelter.

  2. This article makes me extremely sad knowing that there are people out their without the warmth of a home or a family caring for them. Instead they are out in the cold or in a homeless shelter celebrating Christmas in their loneliness.

  3. Well written article, makes me want to come out and help out the community. Also, in Low Angeles, there is an organization called Dream Center. They do an amazing job of helping out the homeless and providing homes for them. You can volunteer on Saturday. It really makes peoples dreams come true.

  4. As an avid volunteer, I think it’s great seeing other students volunteer as well. I always go to the Thanksgiving event at Fred Jordan Mission. It is a great way to meet and help those who are not lucky as ourselves using these computers because we actually have the resources to do things like this. Great Job !

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