Government Agent Imprisoned in Hasley Hall

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College of the Canyons students arrived on campus Wednesday morning to find Hasley Hall transformed into a prison.

The Star Wagons appeared on campus again with film crews and extras numbering somewhere north of 80. It was these workers who borrowed Halsey Hall for nearly 15 hours in order to convert it from a place of learning, to an area of incarceration.

All of this was to film the 12th episode of this season of “Chuck,” an NBC television series.

“Chuck” is about Chuck Bartowski, a computer brainiac who works at fictional electronics retailer Buy More, who one night downloaded a file from a friend who happens to work for the CIA; that message contained spy secrets and knowledge that was accidentally embedded right into Chucks brain.

The information isn’t readily accessible to him however, as it only pops into Chuck’s mind when he is under duress or in scenes where he needs to perform specialized skills.

In the episode filmed at College of the Canyons, Hasley Hall made its television debut as Seabrook Penitentiary. Where Chuck, being played by Zachary Levi, is sent to prison in order to gain valuable information from a subject. Scenes shot in and around Hasley included several “walk and talks” and a scene where Secret Agent Sarah Walker, played by Yvonne Strahovski, sneaks into the facility by way of a bread truck.

Also on set, were actors Joshua Gomez and Adam Baldwin, who play Morgan Grimes and Colonel John Casey. As the day went on, all the stars on the set took time out between scenes and rehearsals to sign autographs, take pictures and chat with groups of on lookers and devotees of “Chuck.”

Cougar News’ John Nussbaum spent the day on the set of “Chuck” talking with the actors and the workers and shared with us some thoughts on his experience

“Well, I took it all in and tried to soak up as much knowledge and information as I could,” says John, “I mean how often do those in majors like mine [television production] get a chance to rub elbows with people who actually work in the industry. I think that it should be a learning experience for those involved in any of the Media Entertainment Arts programs here on campus. All you have to do to get your foot in the door is just gather a little courage and go talk to some of these people, maybe shake some hands and help out a little. It’s all about who you know and making those contacts.”

Even Dr. Diane Van Hook stopped by to visit the production later in the night. She commented to Cougar News on how great it is to have productions such as “Chuck” on the College of the Canyons campus before she left for an event at the Performing Arts Center.

“Chuck” wrapped production on campus around 7:30pm, and is scheduled to shoot at an actual prison tomorrow in order to complete this episode before they head back to Warner Brothers Studio.

“Chuck” airs Mondays on NBC.

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  1. I really like how College of the Canyons is allowing well-known studios to come and use their installation to film this kind of shows. I agree, this is a nice way for students who are interesting in this kind of field to learn more from people that work in the industry.

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