Food Safety for the Holidays

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The pressure is on and there’s so much to do. The holidays are upon us, and it’s easy to rush and forget something, and if this happens during the preparation of a big meal it can spell disaster. Every year thousands of people suffer from food poisoning, and with protein rich foods such as turkey great care and careful procedures should be followed.

College of the Canyons Institute for Culinary Education offers some tips for food safety:

  1. Make sure you buy meats and vegetables from reputable companies and growers.
  2. Make sure all preparation surfaces are clean and sterile; in addition keep things separate. Do not prepare different kinds of meat on the same surface, and keep raw vegetable preparations away from surfaces that are being used for meats.
  3. Carefully follow thawing procedures with frozen turkey, and Culinary Arts highly recommends the use of sterile gloves such as latex when preparing meat.

The Culinary Institute says there is a wealth of information on the internet. Zacky Farms and Butterball Turkey for example both have food preparation web sites along with hotlines for answering questions in a hurry.

Also the institute reminds you the best to learn is by doing and they offer classes for those who want to learn more.

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