COC Club Hands On Earth Hosts Movie Night

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Under our very own Cougar News room in Hasley Room 101, the College of the Canyons club “Hands On Earth,” hosted a special movie night. Being screened was the documentary “Tapped.”

The club, which was started by Professor Jeannie Chari, aims to educate students on environmental issues both globally and locally.

“Hands On Earth is a student club dedicated to helping students develop a relationship with their environment,” says Chari.

Tapped is a documentary exploring how bottled water became the 15 billion dollar industry it is today, how water is gathered and how plastic bottles are bad for the environment.

“This movie is really interesting because it explores water rights, it looks at the bottled water industry, it looks at how it impacts communities, how its related to fossil fuel use and gives the public some information about bottled water so they can make responsible choices about whether they want to continue buying bottled water.” Chan said.

Also at the screening were students who weren’t part of “Hands on Earth” including biology major Katlin Morris.

“I think I can speak a lot for this generation; we are so used to having things we can just throw away and things that we can have right away like bottled water.”

If you would like to learn more about Hands On Earth, you can go to one of their meetings at the Student Center in room 128 every other tuesday.

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