The Reel: October 29th

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In this Sci-Fi film Central America has been turned into an infected no mans land. NASA 6 years earlier sent a probe to explore possible alien life and the probe crashed landed in Central America, soon after new life forms began springing up. The Mexican and American Armies are struggling to keep the lifeforms under control and a tourist asks an American journalist to escort her through the area. Rated R

My Soul to Take

Like most small towns the town of Riverton has it’s legends. Of course this is a Wes Craven film so, this town’s legend involves a murderer and a promise to return 17 years after his death and kill all the children born on that day in town. One of these children happens to be his own son and the son struggles wondering if his fathers soul lives on in him. Rated R

Saw 3D

The long running horror series returns in the seventh installment. This one is shot in 3D on the newest 3D technology, SI-3D. Jigsaw returns to torment not only the actors but you the audience. Some series favorites return in this sure to be classic horror film. Rated R


Sex & The City 2

The Fabulous 4 return. The ladies are back after 2 Years on a new adventure in the sands of Dubai. This one is available on DVD and Blu-Ray with plenty of extras.

Alien Anthology

Several years ago this anthology was released on DVD and now it is getting the Blu-Ray treatment. All the Alien films have been updated to Blu-Ray visual quality and audio quality, lots of extras on 6 discs.

Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray

All three films are updated for Blu-Ray release. See the making of featurette, cast interviews and the lost footage of the original film before Michael J Fox was cast and Eric Stoltz was playing the lead.

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