Rubber Ducks Invade the SCV

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On Saturday, October 16th, the Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers held the 8th annual Rubber Ducky Regatta At Castaic Lake. For five dollars families attending the event could adopt a rubber ducky to compete in the race across the lake. All proceeds from the day go straight to the Samuel Dixon Foundation, an organization designed to provide health care to Santa Clarita residents who don’t have health insurance or are under covered by their current plans.

Throughout the day there were games set up for kids, live music provided by local bands, and booths around the lake for local businesses. Well over 2,000 ducks were adopted by race time, and were dropped into the water. After a ten minute race the top 25 ducks were matched to their owners and prizes were handed out. The grand prize winner received an all-expenses paid, seven-day cruise to the location of their choice, donated by Princess Cruises.

Last year the event raised over $60,000 for the Samuel Dixon Foundation, and early estimates put this years number lower than last years number.

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  1. I had the opportunity to volunteer for this charity event one year and I had a lot of fun. I think it’s an incredible thing when people are so selfless and volunteer their time, effort and/or money toward the benefit of others. I wish that this article did a little more justice to the organization an its efforts and really highlight the importance of this organization.

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