Rolling Restaurants in the SCV

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Great food, fun music and plenty of people filled the Bridgeport Marketplace Saturday night. Over twenty gourmet food trucks made their way up to the Santa Clarita Valley all thanks to Cluster Truck Events and Awesometown. The tastiest meals on wheels included The Dim Sum Truck, Fish Lips Sushi, The Munchie Machine, Great Balls on Tires, Border Grill Truck, DOSA Truck, Vesuvio Italian Food Truck, Del’s Lemonade, The Sweets Truck, Fresh Fries, Tapa Boy, The AhnJoo Truck, Krazy BBQ, Ludo Bites, Chef Brian’s Comfort Truck, Lee’s Philly, Fry Smith, Kabob Express, Lake Street Creamery, Newhall Coffee Roasting Company, Bool BBQ and Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Self proclaimed “truck wrangler” and event coordinator for Cluster Truck Events, Patty Harding, teamed up with Newhall Land and Farming to bring a fun food festival to Santa Clarita. “What’s a fun, really cool idea to bring people out? Food Trucks! Gourmet Food Trucks! Rolling restaurants. We live for events like this––a really good wrangle of awesome gourmet food trucks and people who love them.” said Harding.

The Gourmet Food Truck Festival brought out almost five thousand people, but it wasn’t just the adults enjoying the sweet and savory gourmet cuisine, kids also treated their taste buds. Zoe Albertson, child attendee, said she tried “Italian food [from Vesuvio Italian Food Truck]” and had her eye on “Sprinkles Cupcakes; the Red Velvet and Chocolate.”

Public Relations and Event Coordinator for Cluster Truck Events, Jann Rowe was confident in the truck line up they had Saturday evening. Rowe stated, “What we like to say is that we have got twenty-two of the hottest Los Angeles food trucks.” There is no question that food trucks are all the rage right now, but the question everyone is asking is will they be back next year?

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