Political Science Club Registration Drive

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By Amy Lopez, Jessica Whitener – Cougar News Contributors

You might have heard the Political Science Club asking, “Are you registered to vote?” Recently on the College of the Canyons Campus there has been a surge of voter registration drives within campus clubs. With the election day on the horizon, the Political Science Club set up a voter registration drive.

Club member Austin Anderson, 18, said, “Since we are the political science club, we felt it’s something we should do.” From 10 am until 2 pm, the club set up a table by Seco Hall and had members available so that there was someone at the table at all times. The table was non-partisan and had a welcoming environment for all political parties. The Political Science Club wants to encourage young adults to register and vote, since many do not.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, during the 2008 Presidential elections there was a significant increase in the percentage of young voters. But still only about 50 percent of those people between the ages of 18 and 24 were registered to vote, and only 40 percent of those registered, actually voted. There have been different campaigns aiming to increase the number of young voters, like the Rock the Vote campaign, whose main target is college students. Many believe college students are more likely to participate in the election, than those who are not in school.

Some students feel it is important to vote because “Voting is a given freedom that shouldn’t be taken for granted,” said Nancy Lopez, 21. But the general belief in the past has been that one vote won’t make a difference or the student is simply just too lazy to go out and do it. The Political Science Club wants to change this state of mind by making it easier for students to register by having the voter registration drive available to students at a convenient location.

However, some people have their own idea on voting, “I don’t see the point in voting because I think the government already decides who they are going to pick and they only hold elections to make people feel like they make a difference,” said Jenna Carcioppolo, 19.

The Political Science Club feels that by having a non-partisan voter registration drive it will educate those people who feel negative about voting. The club members provided fliers and were ready to answer any questions that a student may have about registering and voting. Other tables provided pamphlets and other sources of information so a student could feel confident about registering to vote and voting.

The upcoming gubernatorial election in California, between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, is set to be held this Tuesday. In this election people will also be voting on a variety of propositions, including the Propostion 19 which will determine the legalization of marijuana. This proposition alone is motivating many young adults to vote. The Political Science Club welcomed any student that wanted to vote regardless of their reasons.

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