Halloween Haunts Santa Clarita

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Valencia – All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner; why not venture through the western streets of Newhall to see some of the most horrific scares? Heritage Haunt, a local Santa Clarita attraction, is designed every October to welcome visitors to experience Halloween at its best. The program is run by the SCV Historial Society to produce a community event.

Ed Marg, the original owner and creator, donated his equipment he was using for a home haunt to the Historical Society 3 years ago. Scott Sivley, who is this year’s Haunt Master, has been a part of the operation from the beginning. It is a production that rivals other theme parks and provides something for everyone.

Crazed teenagers dress up to scare the nightly visitors as they meander through the woods on a hayride of nightmares, engage themselves in watching New World Dance’s performance of “Alice in Scaryland,” and tour a haunted mansion which is believed to have real paranormal activity.

Chewy’s Pirate Cove welcomes visitors to venture through the haunted ship and a graveyard of lonely skeletons. Each individual Haunt display really engulfs the feel of Halloween and is encouraging to those who want to enjoy a fright of fun this season. Heritage Haunt is a year round commitment by the staff and production begins in early summer. It is a volunteer based event in which several local communities contribute to its success. The proceeds from the Haunt benefit the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society and William. S. Hart School District.

Heritage Haunt will be open this weekend, Friday and Saturday night only from 6:30 to 9:30pm. General Admission is $15.00; if 3 tickets are purchased the 4th is free. Be sure to head down to Newhall Ave. for a thrilling Halloween experience.

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  1. I absolutely love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday and I am happy to see there are stories about costumes and events pertaining to it on Cougar News. This is a great story and really makes me want to attend this event this Halloween weekend. I am glad that the staff of Cougar News provide us with events happening in Santa Clarita; bringing residents together and creating fun in town. I have attended Heritage Haunt years ago, when I was younger, so I do not remember much. The video that goes along with the story was a great idea because it gives readers and myself a vision of how the event will be. The price is very reasonable and the multiple activities that were written about make it sound very entertaining. Thank you for all the useful information and showing love for Halloween! =]

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