COC Tackles Domestic Violence and Eating Disorders

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College of the Canyons is invested in creating a widely diverse atmosphere of knowledge for students to learn from, and with October’s reputable month for awareness, various groups here at College of the Canyons joined together to create the Domestic Violence Awareness and Eating Disorder Event.

The event was held from October 18th to the 20th and proved to be a success with dozens of students stopping by for free items, information, pamphlets and more. The event’s agenda included guest speakers from numerous participating organizations, live bands and singers, and the most popular–the “Everybody is Beautiful Fashion Show.” All this success didn’t not just happen over night, however.

SNAC, one of COC’s clubs, was the main coordinator in helping make this big event a reality. “[SNAC] has been working all this semester. We’ve been meeting twice a month to plan for this event, and we’ve teamed up with the ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Committee’ here on campus,” said faculty advisor for SNAC, Sheri Barke.

An array of carefully arranged tables were set up in the Student Center, near the entrance of the Cafeteria, where students could collect important information about many helpful organizations located in Santa Clarita. Such organizations were “The Valley Trauma Center for Inner Personal Violence Treatment and Prevention Center for the Santa Clarita Valley,” “Reasons Eating Disorder Center,” as well as “O2 Max Fitness.” Each of their tables contained pamphlets, flyers and experienced representatives to answer any questions.

One particular representative shared some very valuable services. “We’ve got a lot of information on what solutions and resources are available in the community. We also have a lot of materials for people interested in the field. It’s a very powerful experience for a lot of people,” said Prevention Education specialist, Jae Farkas.

In addition to all the useful information provided, students had the chance to sign “Fat Talk Free” pledges and learn how to become more positive when it comes to body image, as well as designing T-shirts with non-violence quotes and drawings. To fully engage the students in the event, a stage was set up in the Cafeteria and students were entertained with the fashion show, live music and a highly applauded skit, “My Ass is Old.”

For the most part, everyone who helped out with the event agreed it had a lot of positive feedback. “It was a success, of course. Everybody’s been really great and we’re just trying to spread the word that Fat Talk Free is a positive thing and not a negative thing,” said SNAC volunteer, Jackie Edwards. With the many resources and tools provided, students were able to go home knowing that there is always help out there.

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  1. I am very glad to hear that our school is holding events like this and sending out positive messages that help boost people’s self-esteem. Everyone is beautiful and different in their own unique way. For someone to be insecure, ashamed, and embarrassed about that is truly a sad thing. I believe true happiness comes from confidence. That goes hand in hand with domestic violence because there are people who stay in abusive relationships because that other person has broken them down so many times and made them so insecure about themselves that they do not think they deserve better, but they do. Insecurity is such a huge influence on the everyday decisions that we make, and for this campus to be focusing on helping people with that problem, it is very commendable. I am a very confident person and I always help my family and friends any time they are feeling sad about something, so it is nice to know that there are organizations out there that promote the same cause. I think it is also great that schools get involved because that is really where insecurity starts. There are so many cliques and stereotypical groups that like to tear down other people to make themselves feel better. So again, good job cougars!!! I am proud to be a student here because of this.

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