COC Gallery and Political Dept. Host Seminar With Political Cartoonists

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The afternoon was sunny and warm as the College of the Canyons Art Gallery Co-Hosted a seminar with the help of the Political Science Department. In attendance, were respected political-cartoonists Steve Greenberg and David G. Brown.

Both cartoonists discussed their work all the while surrounded by the constant reminder of Paul Conrad’s passing just weeks earlier.

“Ideally with each show the artist comes in and speaks,” said gallery director Larry Hurst, “But with Mr. Conrad’s death, it was impossible. And we wanted to have a conversation about this type of artwork. And include some younger cartoonists that are working today.”

Steve Greenberg and David Brown both have expansive portfolios of work, each with its own distinct flare and style. Each showed off a selection of their works to the audience and brought books along which could be bought and signed by each. Also of note, Mr. Greenberg brought in a memorial piece he did in response to Conrad’s death. A simple drawing of a desk with a pen and a open bottle of “righteous indignation” sitting on the desk unused.

Both the seminar and the question and answer session lasted about 30 mins, with topics of conversation ranging from first amendment rights to the creative process of the artist.

“To me, that [the Muhammad cartoons] didn’t work because it was intending to inflame, as opposed to being a good cartoon that was maybe misinterpreted.” said Steve Greenberg.

David Brown also commented on the issue saying, “Well the other thing I think, is that it brought attention to is the rights of a cartoonist. How much freedom does a cartoonist have to draw what they think or what they believe.”

If you would like to see and know more, you can watch the video attached to this page. You can also go to Steve Greenberg and David Brown’s respective websites linked HERE and HERE

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