COC Adult Re-Entry Program Spotlight

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Look around College of the Canyons campus and you will notice that not only is the student population growing in size it’s also growing in age. With the economic downturn and many people looking to return to school to update skills or change career directions, Community Colleges across the nation are having to look at programs and offerings to cater to what is called the non-traditional student.

Non-Traditional students are students who are over the age of 28, and returning to school after a break in their education. College of the Canyons is no stranger to these students, and the College’s Adult Re-Entry Program is designed to help these students to transition back into school and provides resources designed to help them succeed.

Deborah Rio, the Dean of Enrollment Services, oversees this program with a staff of counselors, instructors and coordinators to help support the Adult Re-Entry student. Students are offered orientations, one on one counseling, workshops on various topics related to Adult Re-Entry students and counseling courses for student success.

Rio says “It’s a service to allow those students coming back a little extra support, to help navigate the college system.”

Students who are interested in getting more information have several resources they can call on. First is the College of the Canyons website at , just search for Adult Re-Entry Program. Here you can find information on the program including the names and contact information of the 2 counselors assigned to the program Carolyn Powell and Connie Perez.

The other resource is right on campus in room X9. This is the Adult Re-Entry and Veterans Center, open 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5pm. Students will find staff on hand to answer any questions and help them to navigate the enrollment process or any other issues they may be having on campus. The center is run by Renard Thomas and his staff.

Thomas said “We are trying to help students that are having trouble connecting to the student services they need to succeed.”

If all these resources weren’t enough the school offers a course for Adult Re-entry students called Counseling 100. The course is designed to help students to be better at being students. Coursework includes note taking tips, concentration exercises, listening skills and information comprehension and retention skills. The course also helps students to learn about the many services offered on campus for both Traditional and Non-Traditional students.

Counselor Carolyn Powell teaches the course that meets Mondays and Wednesdays, she says for those non-traditional students not in the program, and needing help, “Come and join us, all are welcome”.

The class is for 3 credits and is proving very helpful to the students that take the course. Student Audrey Parker says “It’ helped me a great deal, just by taking the Counseling 100 class it’s opened my eyes on how to study.”

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  1. I enjoyed this article. I found the information extremely informative. I am planning on stopping by room X9 to get more information. Thanks for writing this piece.

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