Cheap Costume Ideas

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With Halloween approaching, students at COC are pulling together their costumes. But do you have to empty your wallet to create the right ensemble? Not with these costuming ideas.

Ghost: One of the cheapest costumes to make. Just cut two eye-holes in an old sheet. If you don’t have any excess sheets, you can usually find cheap ones at places like the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.

Nerd: Simple and easy to put together. Pants that are too small, a wrinkled shirt buttoned wrong, hair slicked back (and a bit greasy), old pair of glasses with tape, mismatched socks, and a huge, conspicuous book to carry with you. Can cost little to nothing.

Ninja: Tight black clothes or pajamas form the basis of this outfit, possibly with thick blank socks so you can sneak around silently. Use a scrap of thin black cloth for a mask, and a length of cloth, ribbon, or other material to make the headband. Complete with cheap toy katanas and knives from any large retail sword, or craft your own weapons like a true warrior, using cardboard, foam, or anything at hand.

Rock Star: Everyone has torn up, old clothes. Here is the place to put them to use. Grunge down with some torn t-shirts (maybe even band shirts) and ripped jeans. Cheap children’s jewelry can add a touch of flair, or you can make your own piercings and hoop earrings using wire, pins, or anything metallic. Complete the look with some spiky hair and heavy makeup, and you’re ready to rock!

Tourist: Bright, flamboyant clothes, a big hat, and maps stuffed in every nook and cranny. Don’t forget your camera so you can always remember your trip, and maybe bring along a carry-on bag for all those essentials like pretend traveler’s checks. Enjoy the sights here in Awesometown!

Over-sized jacket, rumpled hair, a dusty bottle of some mysterious liquid or a backpack full of various worn out sundries. These are the trademarks of the average bum, and easy to recreate for your Halloween outfit. Just throw together a way to big duster, grab a bottle or worn backpack, and get your hair messy. Cheap makeup can add the greasy look if you want to really look down on your luck.

Whether you want to be a swordsman of old, or your everyday average bus driver, there are always cheap and easy ways to throw together a good costume. Just be creative, and remember: Costumes are meant to be fun!

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