Castaic Lake Water Agency Challenges Students

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If you haven’t noticed the big, bold yellow signs adorning Central Park’s main entrance, then listen up! The Castaic Lake Water Agency is giving away $15,500 in scholarships during the month of October.

This is a Service Learning Scholarship intended for students who wish to graduate from a Santa Clarita Valley high school and continue on to college. Deemed the “Water Challenge,” students are to brainstorm and come up with a concept that will solve a water related issue facing the Santa Clarita Valley. It applies to students in grades 9th-12th who create a water related project in the form of music video, television commercial, video game, or coloring book, but they are not limited to these ideas. As far as the scholarship money, first place will receive $7,000. The rest of the scholarship money will be distributed among the second, third, fourth and fifth place winners.

In addition, they will be offering a $5,000 prize for the school’s top science department. CLWA is also offering financial assistance of $200 to video production departments in schools that produce commercials to air during their morning announcements.

“Every year, we are extremely proud of the entries we receive in our Water Challenge,” said Dirk Marks, Water Resources Manager for CLWA. “We see some of the brightest thinking and highest-energy efforts that our local high school students have to offer. So, we thought it would be appropriate to make the Water Challenge not only beneficial to our winning scholars, but also to the outstanding local schools that educate them. This makes the Water Challenge fun for students and faculty alike.”

The deadline to submit an initial description of the project as well as an application is Tuesday, October 12, 2010. Students will then be contacted to attend a mandatory Orientation Meeting on Thursday October 21, 2010. Students can print the application off the CLWA website and mail it to the Castaic Lake Water Agency.

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