Be Aware, it’s October

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The month of October comes with plenty on its plate. Not only is Halloween approaching, but October also plays host to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Anti-Bully Awareness Month and last, but not least, Vegetarian Awareness Month. You would think Americans don’t have to think about, but organizations, programs, and supporters backing these causes want to pay tribute. They also want Americans to realize the importance of these topics individually and educate themselves on what can be done.

Lately, there has been national recognition of these causes; first, the National Football League is sporting pink football accessories during this month’s games; second, the Today Show presented a segment on the importance of bullying and how to prevent it; and finally, Ellen DeGeneres took some time to dedicate her show to Vegetarian Awareness Month with a Vegan cooking segment.

Breast cancer is a serious topic and hits home with many families. Being the second most common cancer found in women, it inevitably effects someone you know. What people don’t know is that men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. For every 100 women that get the disease, one man is diagnosed as well. This is the 26th year celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many support groups have popped up nationwide raising money for research anyway they can.

No one likes a bully, but that terrible tormentor might just happen to be your son, daughter, neighbor or classmate, and you might not even know it. Recently, there have been many student suicides that many believe could be due to bullying. To put a stop to current bullying and prevent future bullies from popping up, schools around the country are holding seminars for students, teachers and parents to remind students to treat each other with respect.

The North American Vegetarian Society has deemed October as Vegetarian Awareness Month and with good reason. With heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity on the rise, there is no better time than now to support good eating habits. Ellen DeGeneres, a vegetarian herself, recently dedicated a time slot on her show to Vegetarian Awareness Month to show and draw support for a life without an animal based diet.

So now that you are aware that the month of October hosts all these wonderful causes, do something that supports breast cancer survivors, prevents kids from bullying and try a veggie delight sub.

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  1. Great points here Kelly. I just want to point out that there is one more cause that you’re missing and that is October also serves as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Its been bothering me all month that so many people haven’t given as much credit to domestic violence awareness, although it is a leading cause of death for women between the ages of 14 to 44. Fortunately, I have seen some awareness activities going on here and there, like COC’s 3rd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event that took place 2 weeks ago and the speech President Obama gave just a few days ago about a “government-wide” domestic violence initiative. Anyway, I hope that everyone will still be just as proactive in spreading as much awareness as possible for all of these causes even after this month of October.

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