Parking Spots Raffled and Auctioned to Students

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Parking has become a tedious and hard fought battle for the students here at College of the Canyons.

Students search through dozens of cars for a mere parking spot, while having to suffer a long walk through the parking lot, and being late to class. However, hope was given to students for just a small cost.

Honors club, Phi Theta Kappa, and Alpha Gamma Sigma teamed up this past week to provide four lucky winners with their very own parking spot. “The spots are actually reserved for the Honors program, so we had to talk to Kelly Dapp, in the Student Development Office to set up the event,” said Phi Theta Kappa President, Karen Thiara.

The VIP Parking Auction and Raffle event was held for four days in hopes to raise enough money for the three clubs. Raffle tickets were sold at $1 each, in addition to the two bids, which started at $40. “Whoever wins gets to have reserved parking at the front of the parking lot, for the whole semester. It’s definitely worth your money and it’s helping our clubs,” said Thiara.

However, selling raffle tickets was just one of the ways to help raise money for the clubs. The event also provided opportunities for students to purchase cotton candy, popcorn, or snow cones for just another dollar each. “We work hard, we deserved it, and you do too,” said COC student, Jakki McCann. As the days went by, students bought raffle tickets, bid on the parking spots, and enjoyed some freshly popped popcorn.

Finally, after four days of anxiously awaited results, two raffle tickets were pulled out and the highest bidders were announced. At a very high bid of $103, Manmeet Singh claimed his personal parking spot, while Chuck Woolhouse bid of $65, earned him a coveted parking spot for $102.

The two raffle winners were Kelly Knight and Yeny Song–winning their very own parking spaces, as a result of their $1 purchase. “I’m very surprised and happy. I didn’t think I’d win,” said Yeny Song.

The four parking spots are solely reserved for the lucky winners until the very end of the fall semester. For now, it is back to finding parking for the rest of the college community.

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