Students Donate Blood On Campus

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In California today, only 3% of citizens give blood. Since there is yet no substitute for human blood, the blood must be collected from the population.

“We have a lot of patients in our hospitals that need blood for surgeries. Both woman giving birth and people who are Anemic need blood transfusions,” said Terri J. Hill of Providence Health and Services. Blood supply needs to be high so that surgeries are not cancelled because of a lack of.

Donating blood can also be very beneficial. People burn 650 calories donating blood. It also releases iron deposits out of your arteries.

Studies have shown that regular blood donors that donate about 4 to 5 times a year have a 30% less incident of having a heart attack and a stroke.

Not only did new students give blood, but returning students did as well.

“I donated to save a life, naturally; and that it is an easy way to lose calories,” said COC student Thi Dinh. “I would definitely donate blood in the future and tell my friends to do it as well.”

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