Film Festivals Showcase Foreign Films, Encourage Discussion

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If you are looking for something interesting to do on a Friday night, come to College of the Canyons and enjoy an evening of “eclectic entertainment” in the form of films.

The Modern Language Department is presenting seven films this semester Friday nights. The International Film Festival and the Cinema Department’s film lineup cover every Friday through the end of the semester. Admission to both festivals is free.

This year’s International theme is entitled “Smoke” and the films will in some way show the viewer how cigarettes and smoking in general play a prominent role either as a theme or as a prop for the main character as well as the overall tone of the movie.

The seven international films will be from various countries including France and Japan. The festival will run until December 10 and will be screened in Hasley Hall, Room 101. Professor Pierre Etienne took over the duties as host of the festival and reconstructed it from an earlier festival in 2000.

“After each film, there will be a brief discussion presented by myself as well as my assistants and colleagues from the History and Graphics Media Departments. All are welcome and the viewings will start at 7pm promptly” states Professor Etienne.

Professor Etienne also said that the festival is open to all students as well as the general public. Even though some of the films are in a foreign language, it will be sub-titled in English so that the viewing public will be able to follow along.

Cinema Department Chair Gary Peterson has also laid out an interesting schedule. A doubleheader in late August showcased the Coen brothers who are famous for “Fargo”.

The films will generally be 2 hours long, so plan ahead. Some of the films that will be shown are “Breathless”, a French film made in 1960; “Chung King Express” a Hong Kong film made in 1994; and “Occessione”, an Italian film made in 1943. If you are interested in shaking up your normal Friday night routine, why not try something new and come to the International Film Festival or the Cinema’s Department’s screenings at College of the Canyons.

August 27, 7pm: “Broken Embraces”
9:30pm: “A Serious Man”
Friday, September 10, 7pm:”Breathless” by Jean-luc Godard
Friday, September 27, 7pm: “In the Loop”
9:30pm: “A Single Man”
Friday, September 24, 7pm: Smoke” by Stephen Branch
Friday October 1, 7pm: “The White Ribbon”
9:30pm: “The Cove”
Friday, October 8, 7pm: “ Un Prophete” by Jacques Audiard
Friday October 15, 7pm: “The Ghost Writer”
9:30pm “The Troubled Waters”
Friday, October 22, 7pm: “Ossessione” by Luchino Visconti
Friday, October 29, 7pm: “Tokyo Sanata”
9:30pm: “Sin Nombre”

Friday, November 5, 7pm: “The reckless Moment” by Max Ophuls
(This will be preceded by a short feature entitled: A date with Jack by James Valentine, filmmaker and composer)

Friday, November 12, 7pm: “The Secret in their eyes”
9:30pm: “The City Island”
Friday November 19, 7pm: “Chungking Express” by Wong Kar-wai
Friday, December 3, 7pm: “Mother”
9:30pm: “Fish Tank”
Friday December 10, 7pm: ” Coffee and Cigarettes” by Jim Jarmusch
Friday, December 17, 7:pm: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

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