Honors Club Starts the Year Fresh

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With so many students attending College of the Canyons this semester, the Honors club is preparing for quite a year of fun-filled events and fundraisers to accompany their mission of helping to create higher educational achievements and goals for the students.

The Honors club officers have set forth a plan of action to engage their faculty and students in helping to carry out their mission. They have already started planning for future events and even held an ice cream fundraiser during the first week of school.

“The ice cream fundraiser was hard work, but it was very successful. We made $200, which will be going towards future events, guest speakers and furthering our club education,” said club Vice President Cassidy Owens.

In addition to holding club events, they will be holding a total of eight “Honors Orientations,” to increase student awareness of honors associated clubs and societies on campus. “We want to spread the word, to new or interested students, about our honors club,” Owens said.

The orientations will include guest speakers, information on how to sign up, and the qualifications and requirements of being a club member. “There are a lot of people eligible for honors, they just don’t realize it,” said Owens.

Joining the honors club is not just about having something extra on a transcript, it also offers more to help in achieving educational goals. “It encourages students to finish all their credits and continue with enrolling in honors classes,” said Owens. In fact, many honors classes have been created due to the increasing student sign-ups. Some classes are offered every other semester, but there is a variety to choose from.

Previously known as the HITE program, the honors club went through a rough transformation period, but the end results have been worth all the work according to Owens. “It has been a little difficult to get everything and everyone together, but it’s going a lot smoother this semester.”

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