Halo Reaches Its Final Chapter

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The long anticipated game Halo: Reach was recently released, with thus far positive reviews. After the questionable reception of Halo: ODST, Reach is widely being approved for its impressive multiplayer features and its subtle changes from its predecessors. As many have discovered to their pleasant surprise, Reach is not just a Halo 3 clone.

To begin, the campaign mode is somewhat different than the original Halo. While it is still shorter than many games, the storyline is broken into several individual missions, rather than a collection of seemingly random objectives. While the point of the game is still to destroy the enemy, there is more variety and flavor to each mission. In addition to the refined storyline, the ability to customize your Spartan from the beginning adds a touch of connection to the character that is rare in other Halo games.

The real meat of the Halo series, however, has always been its multiplayer. It is in this area that Reach truly shines. Team games include Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, SWAT, Generator Defense or standard Slayer. Each of these game modes also has sub-categories, including Multi-flag Capture the Flag and Rocket Slayer, allowing players to add new flame to the usual modes. All of this adds up to many hours of fun and hardcore play against people of all weapon and skill types.

Even COC isn’t outside of this game’s “reach.”

Student Geoff Whitaker said, “I haven’t played Halo: Reach all the way through yet, but I must say its the best Halo yet! Whoever writes the soundtrack for Halo is a musical genius.”

All together, it appears Halo: Reach gets high scores from several major gaming review sites, making it one of the higher scoring games of the last few years. So suit up, Spartans; The Covenant is on its way, and you’re the last line of defense for the planet. The UNSC is relying on you!

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