Forget Halo Reach! Halo 2600 Rules!

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With the recent release of Halo Reach the gaming world was on fire. The game did $200 million in sales in 24 hours, making it the hottest media property of the year so far in terms of sales. Quietly though the retro gaming world was already playing the newest Halo installment, Halo 2600.

Yes you heard correctly there is an Atari 2600 version of the popular Microsoft game series. The 2600 version of Halo is the brainchild of Ed Fries. Fries worked for Microsoft, and was instrumental in the acquisition of Bungie Studios, Ensemble Studios and Rare by the software giant. After leaving Microsoft he worked for various software companies and is currently bringing the World of Warcraft to 3D life with his start up company Figure Prints.

The game itself is an 8 bit adaptation of the Halo series. Master Chief is rendered in all his 8 bit glory and you will have fun shooting 8 bit versions of the Covenant. Like other 2600 games the graphics wont blow your mind but there is something satisfying about blasting away and not having to worry about enemies any farther away than the other side of the screen.

The game itself is quite deep. With 6 areas, plenty of pick ups, enemies and awesome music, the experience is not the full Halo but for a 2600 version it’s great fun and really easy to play.

The game itself has spawned a Facebook page, several fan sites and you can even purchase a cartridge version of the game for your 2600 system, if you still have one. you don’t have to have the Atari system to play. Just visit to play and enjoy.

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