Familiar Faces In The Rough Water

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SAN DIEGO – The 80th Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim hosted in San Diego has been around since 1916. In the first La Jolla race their were only seven men that entered.

A large proportion of the senior swimmers “enjoy” swimming the 3-mile Cover to Pier race. A handful of Santa Clarita Swimmers from ages 8-33 competed in this event. Riley Mita, Matt Johnson, and Mitchell Johnson all placed in the top 10 of the one mile race.

The first Rough Water Swim was such a great success that the organizer thought this race should become an annual summer event. This didn’t happen to be the case, because of World War I the second annual Rough Water Swim was in 1923.

Over the swim’s 94-year history the course changed several times. The first swim was about 1.7 miles; now it’s a variety of races including the 800 meter, 1-mile and 3-mile races.

People from ages 6-85 compete in the different events.

Third place, Riley Mita battled his way threw the treacherous waves fighting for the gold. “It wasn’t my best race of the year, but I sure did enjoy it,” said Mita.

In an era when everything seems to be changing by day, its nice to know that at the end of each summer there will be a Rough Water event for all to enjoy.

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