Circus Vargas Coming to Santa Clarita

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An unusual form of entertainment is arriving in Santa Clarita for the foreseeable future. Circus Vargas will set up at the Valencia Town Center Mall between Sept. 30 and October 14.

While the high-energy act doesn’t have any lions, tigers or bears, Circus Vargas has a fun-filled show that has something for patrons of all ages. With acts that involve the audience, defy the laws of physics and wow the crowd, the show is impressive for its size.

“Circus Vargas has been operating for 41 years,” says Vice President Katya Quiroga, “We have been coming here to Southern California over and over again, [and] it’s really remarkable.”

Circus Vargas is a family oriented experience, with 80 percent of the people who work for the circus traveling with it. Before the real show even begins, host John Weiss conducts a portion where all the children in the audience gather together in the middle of the ring and learn how to do simple tricks such as hula hooping, balancing feathers and twirling ropes like a cowboy or cowgirl.

“My favorite part of being in the circus is the fact that I get to meet other families,” says host of Circus Vargas John Weiss, “Basically, we are families entertaining other families, and Circus Vargas is unique compared to any other Circus…we give them [the kids] a chance to become the stars, and then we have audience participation throughout the show, then at the end of the show all the performers come out to the midway and sign autographs.”

Weiss is a very interesting man whose presence fills the circus (with the help of a microphone) with a jovial and glowing atmosphere. A man with a slight Brooklyn accent, he is a fast talker who is quick to improvise comedic gold on the spot. He has been working for Circus Vargas for the past three years and has been doing circus work for at-least 30.

While the show doesn’t have the traditional three-ring set up, the one ring gives the show a more personal and intimate view of the performers.

The comedy acts are entertaining to watch and are sprinkled with enough pop-culture references and classic jokes to keep the audience entertained. The lighting is crisp and colorful, adding great depth to the show and to the performers.

Circus Vargas is great for people of all ages, and if you are in the Santa Clarita area looking for an entertaining and a family friendly atmosphere, then this is the show for you.

If you would like to know about show times and ticket prices, go to it’s website linked HERE.

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  1. Very well done! I’m sure I’d go to Circus Varcus if I’m in town.

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