Centurions Catch First Break of Season

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VALENCIA – Saugus High Centurions relentless efforts paid off Friday evening as their Varsity football team challenged the Burroughs High Indians in its first season game rival. The Centurions came out on top by a neck-in-neck win of 26-20, despite their previous season record of 3 wins and 7 losses.

The unpredictability of a fumble off a fake handoff provided the first opportunity for the Centurions to get into the game after being down only 7-0 in the first quarter. The new score of 7-6, by quarterback Jared Carbajal’s 27 yard run, showcased what was yet to become a persistent night.

The second quarter allowed Saugus to work their options to perfection by receiving yet another fumble recovery, thus bringing the lead 14-7 with a 2 point conversion. With 35 seconds left until the half, Burroughs scored by a 69 yard pass play to tie the game. Each contending team would return expectantly with an attitude of merit, obviously hoping to claim the first game of the season.

Burroughs quarterback back Lucas Yanez carried the Indians into the third quarter by 8 yards of the end zone, giving the competitors a 20-14 lead. Within minutes was another tie game and running back, Michael Visser, clutched 10 yards with the 4th quarter to follow.

The clock was ticking, 3 minutes were left and Carbajal broke outside by Centurions running back Denley Rodriquez, who provided the opportunity to seal the game with a win after a 4 yard touchdown pass. Needless to say, after the back and forth, it was well earned and quite the fight.

For the first game of the Centurion season, perhaps it is accurate to say that the junior quarterback, who considers himself to be a “running back first and foremost,” held his team to a higher standard of offense Friday night. Carbajal’s scouting eye continuously searched for blocks, thus allowing him to gain significant carries.

Coach Jason Bornn was not surprised by his team’s competitive energy and was encouraged about their next games challenge. “Carbajal really executed the offense tonight and got us out of a lot of jams.” Bornn had anticipated a strong rival against the Indians, for he is aware of the staff’s well run program and coaching measure.

Football in Santa Clarita will continue to bring forth play and action, as Saugus strives for another win. The athletes plan on producing the same efforts of leadership and victory for their second game, which is Friday, September 10th against Muir at College of the Canyons.

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