California Universities Receive $217 Million From Fed

by Jon Gonzalez, Staff Writer 583 views0

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – After dealing with months of uncertainty without an official state budget, California’s Universities received some good news on Thursday in the form of a $217 million stimulus from the federal government.

The stimulus, the last funds available from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will be split among the UC, CSU and CCC systems.

The money will be used to help admit new students and preserve faculty and staff. This has come as a relief to the universities as the state legislature remains stalled on a budget. They are 79 days overdue.

Both the UC and Cal State systems will each receive $106 million, while community colleges will receive $5 million.

Cal State announced that they will be accepting 10,000 new students for the winter and spring sessions out of about 41,000 applicants. They will also restore nearly 3,000 course sections as well as rehire laid off faculty and staff.

The UC system will spend money on rehiring nearly 2,000 laid off employees as well.

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed said in a statement that he appreciated the state’s effort to secure the federal money, but that the state needs to keep their promise to higher education.

“Despite this influx of one-time funding, it is essential that the state will continue to uphold its commitment to higher education and restore state funding as currently outlined in the budget.”

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