Art House Films Are Alive and Well

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Art House films are alive and well at College of the Canyons: the independent and often low budget films have earned a solid audience as part of COC’s Friday night movie series. Every other Friday Cinema Arts Professor Gary Peterson hosts the movie presentations in the Hasley Building 101 Theater. Discussion and film presentations start around seven.

Peterson says Art House Films offer a unique experience, different from Hollywood films because they do not fit into the studio model for commercial success; instead they focus on issues and social commentary, and can serve as a barometer for the state of a particular society in a given time period. Friday Night movies recently presented: “In the Loop” and “The Single Man.” “In the Loop” is a comedy which took a hard look at the partnership of the United States and England and how they found themselves following each other into a fictional war in the Middle East; paralleling what’s currently happening in Iraq. “The Single Man” tells the story of a Gay man whose lover died eight months earlier and now finds himself trying to adapt back into society with the aid of an alcoholic former girl friend.

These movies are alive Peterson explains, the product of groups of artists exploring issues from a different perspective than those films which are studio control.

Movie go-were Justin Hansen; after attending his second Friday movie night says he enjoys something he never experienced at a conventional theater: lecture and open discussions about the movie he’s just seen: he likes to hear what impressions and ideas other people got from the same movie, and compare it to his own views.

The Friday Night Movie series will continue through the fall semester then start up again in the spring, alternating every other Friday with the foreign film series. The next Art House films will show Friday evening October first. Peterson says he loves movies in general and never fails to be impressed by their impact on society.

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