Apple Unveils New Product Lineup For the Holidays

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Apples annual music brings some highly anticipated rumors to rest, with a few curveballs given out also.

This morning Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to introduce the new line of iPod’s products. The announcement comes as Apple readies to ship the new line in time for the holiday season.

For the past few months many people have been anticipating what sort of new iPod’s will be rolled out for the upcoming season. The rumors have finally been put to rest.

As usual, Jobs took the stage to an applauding audience, where many members of the press eagerly waited for what was in store for this mornings event.

“Since 2001, Apple has sold 275 million iPod’s worldwide” Jobs said, as he was portraying one of his slides from the keynote. “And this year we’ve gone wild,” he continued.

The entire iPod family has been refreshed with the exception of the classic, which seems to be dying down a bit. One-by-one Jobs introduced the new line of products:

*First to be announced was the new iPod shuffle, which combines the second and third generation shuffle into one.

*Second was the iPod Nano, which eliminated the scroll wheel, and added an all-new touch interface to the iPod.

*Last to be introduced was the all-new iPod Touch. It has the Retina display the iPhone 4 carries; it brings a front facing camera, as well as a rear camera. And yes it will have face time.

Jobs also took the time to discuss a few new Apple features. A new version of iTunes will be launched today (iTunes 10) for immediate download. And Apple TV is also being reintroduced in a second generation form, letting users stream their movies, music, and photos via Wi-Fi.

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