Victory for Veterans

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College of the Canyons recently teamed up with AT&T to fund the official Adult Reentry/Veterans Center, a vital resource for adults and veterans looking to head back to school. The Adult Reentry/Veterans Center, located on COC’s Valencia campus, hosted an Open House this past Tuesday to celebrate the semi-completed resource center and all it has to offer.

Located in the X9 bungalow and open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the center not only provides workshops, a self-help library and a peer to peer study hall for veterans and adults, but Veteran Affairs assistance as well. On average, the veterans that go through this program at College of the Canyons receive roughly $2,000 a month for living expenses as well as free tuition. This program has seen a great adult/veteran student enrollment and will be growing in popularity as the war in Iraq comes to a close. Last year alone the Adult Reentry/Veterans Center student population went from 150 students to 300 students.

Renard Thomas, Director of the Adult Reentry/ Veterans Center, hosted the Open House and explained that “the staff is dedicated to accommodating the student’s needs” whether it be counseling or VA related. Although the center is a dream come true for some, it is only 60 percent operational. The facility is still missing a few computers, printers and other various office necessities. Donations from College of the Canyons Facilities in addition to an AT&T grant allowed Renard Thomas and his team to build this resourceful program.

As men and women return home from war, the Adult Reentry/Veterans Center will be ready to assist them in their studies here at College of the Canyons. With the help of this resource center, Renard Thomas and his staff are able to aid veterans in an attempt to regain normalcy. Said Thomas, “We are helping them make up for lost time.”

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