Lights, Camera, Action and More in Only 12 Hours

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CANYON COUNTRY, Calif – The 12 Hour Film Festival is a competition between all the high schools in the Hart District to produce a 5 minute film. Each group receives a genre, prop, character name, and a line of dialogue that must be used in their film.

At 8:00AM each group begins production of their film and must turn in a film 12 hours later at 8:00PM. The prop was a paint brush, the character name was Florida Jones, and the line of dialogue is “Like he/she said, he/she doesn’t need a nurse.”

Each group revived various genres including Sci-Fi, Mocumentary, Love Story, and Children’s Story.

This year Valencia High School won the intermediate division and Saugus High School won the advanced division.

In the future, they plan on expanding this program even more. Charles Deuschle, coordinator of the film festival, said “Hopefully next year we will be able to offer a college category for COC students and maybe even taking a look at some Junior High categories as well as we continue to grow the program.”

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