City’s First “Passive” Park Opens

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CANYON COUNTRY – Discovery Park, Santa Clarita’s first environmentally passive park, opened this summer in Canyon Country.

Located near Camp Plenty and Calla Way, Discovery Park is situated along the banks of the Santa Clara River. It;s eco-friendly design includes drought-resistant plants and a native-adapted landscape. It also offers educational opportunities to study wildlife preservation, and is a first of it’s kind here in Santa Clarita, said Mayor Laurene Weste.

“Unlike our other city parks, this is not a park that you will see ball fields or a swimming pool. You will see walking and trails and hitching posts for houses that we hope will be here. There’s climbing boulders, and native drought-tolerant plants, which is important to have adjacent to a natural river. Everything here is non-invasive and will not effect the habitat of the Santa Clara River” said Weste.

Spanning 25 acres, Discovery Park will serve those with a thirst for outdoor activity.

“I love that we are a diverse community and that this park gives variety to our park opportunities, so that our seniors, families with small children, hikers, nature lovers, artists and on and on can enjoy this wonderful place.” said Parks, Recreation & Community Services Commission Chair Ruthann Levison.

According to Weste, the positive environmental attributes of the park aren’t just it’s eco-friendly activities.

“There aren’t chemicals, or maintenance trying to grow grass in a place it doesn’t belong, along a river. We think it’s the key to the beginning of the river-park system. We’re very proud of this opening door to creating the Santa Clara River/Park System.” said Weste.

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