Vocal Development Class Inspires Students

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Most people are afraid to sing out loud. They safely hide in their protective, full-equipped, “sound-proof” bathroom showers, and sing with so much passion and fervor that the shower magically turns into Carnegie Hall. Yet, there is hope for those brave enough to venture into the real world.

Beyond the doors of Pico Canyon Hall, and past the booming music traveling through the hallways, lies a room where inspiration, talent and passion combine to turn the most shy of vocal chords into a resonating singing voice of wonder.

This magical and wondrous room is Pico 201, where Andrea Vibe teaches and entices her students with her “Vocal Development” class. No matter what level of singing each student is at, Vibe truly enjoys her job and hopes to provide her students with a deeper message. “I truly believe that there is not a lot of truth to being tone deaf, and I also believe that everybody can improve in singing,” said Vibe.

She is enthralled by the sharing of passion between classmates, and the joy each student takes in her class. With so much enthusiasm and fun hanging around the classroom, Vibe highly recommends her vocal development class to anyone, no matter what their purpose for singing is. “We talk about singing, but these are tools that you can use in other areas of your life,” said Vibe.

However, Vibe is not the only one with so much appreciation filling up her lungs. Her students also enjoy every minute of the class and all that it has to offer. It provides them with various opportunities to sing in front of each other and experience the art of performing. “We’re kind of like a family, so you can perform in front of them and you’re not very nervous because they won’t critique you like other people,” said Brenda, one of Vibe’s students.

With a love for music that only true singers share, Vibe’s students have gained a deeper passion for music as well as a stronger bond of friendship within the magnificently talented group of students in the vocal development class.

Through these harmonious and melodic teachings, which make any studio shower seem bleak and completely unplaced, it would be a wonder why anyone would not want to take Andrea Vibe’s “Vocal Development” class.

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